Effects of Coronavirus on the Global Commercial Insurance Industry.

A real disastrous global event for many businesses. Below represents a small sample of typical Commercial Insurance Customers exhibiting severe financial problems across a few industries. There’s many others such as Retail, Oil, Construction, Manufacturing … etc. All likely to be facing long term economic issues. Many companies are seeing […]

New Members Wanted!

Our Primary Risk Digital Marketplace for Renewals and Processing New Commercial Insurance Business went live on the 1st January. We are now looking for brokers, insurers, Service Providers, MGAs and clients (insured) who are interested in joining this revolutionary global platform for trading insurance risk. Advanced digital technology with streamlined […]

Blockchain for Veracity and Tamper Detection

As we have now have a fully operational digitized trading market, robust steps have been taken to protect document and file integrity and transparency by maintaining an independent audit trail of what happened in the trading process; thus providing full data provenance for all original documents, to who accessed the […]

Businesses need Business Model Change to Grow & Prosper!

Not just digitalization. When Jimmy Song, a venture partner at Blockchain Capital, took to the stage at Consensus 2018 (wearing a black cowboy hat), he launched an attack on the blockchain-is-the-answer-to-everything mentality. He said, “When you have a technology in search of a use, you end up with the crap […]

Preventing Human Errors

Typically companies have to pull submission data from a variety of sources. These might include other computer systems, spreadsheets, and even emails and physical files. Most of this data is transferred via a manual process that is time consuming, and incredibly error prone. One likely result of a manual process […]

Online Integrated File & Document Stores

Minimize unproductive document-related activity How long do you spend creating and distributing paper and/or electronic documents; and then how much time do you spend searching to find and identify the latest version? Apparently, way too much! According to a recent survey conducted by IDC – they estimate that unproductive document-related […]

Keep your eyes on the road

Blink and you might miss what happens next. Who could have ever imagined the massive business changes and disruptions that have happened in the last few years and it’s not likely to stop! People forget that the power of the internet is that you can communicate to anybody, anywhere in […]


Opportunities and Challenges. What happens every time some new hot technology is announced – it gets branded as the answer to everything and unfortunately it never is. This is what has happened with Blockchain. It’s not a solution to all problems – it’s a distributed database and needs a lot of […]

Cyber Insurance

How does Cyber Insurance relate to an annual policy renewal? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really match too well. As security threats and breaches continue to mount, there is a growing need and demand for insurance services to help mitigate today’s risk, so why does the cyber-insurance business not understand the dynamic […]

Secure and covered?

Can you get the insurance cover you want? A lot of work is going into Cyber Insurance and has been for many years. Trouble is it’s not keeping apace with the pace of the technology changes. So how does a client get covered for the newer cyber risks after signing […]