Preventing Human Errors

Typically companies have to pull submission data from a variety of sources. These might include other computer systems, spreadsheets, and even emails and physical files. Most of this data is transferred via a manual process that is time consuming, and incredibly error prone.

One likely result of a manual process is an interruption in the process as errors get discovered. Even worse, these errors many never get caught. This could result in companies getting the wrong amount or type of coverage, or simply paying more than they need to, or exacerbating claim disputes. And there’s more onus on the insured client and broker to make sure everything is compliant.

The cure for human error is our advanced technology and techniques that streamline the process, and makes it easier to identify and flags errors, and makes information instantly accessible and much easier to audit. Information is entered at the source, using an intuitive interface that validates and processes data as it gets entered. Risk and financial managers have the ability to generate powerful reports that can help them audit the real-time information that various departments supply. This very same information gets passed on to insurance brokers and underwriters in a very quick and efficient way when it comes time to place new or renew coverage.

We want to make sure that accurate error free information and data becomes a strength within your company instead of a weakness.

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